About the Ordo Stella Matutina

The Ordo Stella Matutina is  a fully established Hermetic Order working within the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian Tradition. Our teachings, training exercises, and ritual methods adhere to the original Golden Dawn and Stella Matutina, as taught by its primary founders; Dr. William W. Westcott, Dr. Woodman, and S.L. Mathers, and later through Dr. R.W. Felkin, W.B. Yeats, Florence Farr, J.W. Brodie-Innes, and Dr. Israel Regardie. The Ordo Stella Matutina expands upon the work of the original Golden Dawn and Stella Matutina encompassing a complete corpus of work through both the Outer and Inner Orders.

The Ordo Stella Matutina (OSM) and its curriculum are dedicated to teaching and providing its students with both abstract esoteric concepts and the more practical applications of Qabalah, astrology, Ceremonial magic, divination, spiritual and practical alchemy, skrying and astral work, and Enochian magic. Egyptian, Hermetic, Judeo-Christian, Greek, Gnostic, and Rosicrucian elements can all be found within the teachings of the Golden Dawn Tradition of which the Ordo Stella Matutina is a part.

The OSM is traditionally governed and operated by the three Chiefs (Imperator, Praemonstrator, Cancellarius), and is the primary means of communication between teachers of the Outer Order of the OSM and her initiated members.

Through the assistance and cooperation of various individuals and Golden Dawn adepts, we hope to provide a community where knowledge of the Golden Dawn Tradition can be shared, refined, and preserved for generations to come.

The Golden Dawn Tradition and its system of magic is not a religion, although religious symbolism and spiritual concepts play an important role in its work. The Golden Dawn Tradition is designed and dedicated to being a repository and school of Hermetic philosophy, western occult science, knowledge, and magic. Tolerance for all religious beliefs is highly emphasized. Today, people from many diverse religious paths consider themselves practicing magicians in the Golden Dawn Tradition – including Neo-pagans, Gnostics, Jews, and Christians.


The Chiefs of the Ordo Stella Matutina